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Temperature values in Vera missing decimals

Daniel Lindmark Jul 18, 2013 01:39PM PDT


When will you solve the problem with temperature values in Vera?
Values with only whole degrees aren't very useful at all. In fact, it's
almost enough to consider looking at other alternatives...
Please, prioritize these kind of bugs. It's not okay that they just lie
there unsolved for years (yes, bug 1817 has been unsolved since 2011-09-18).

This bug was caused by MCV implementing temperature sensors the wrong way.
UPNP standard clearly states that temperature sensor values should be stored in .01 degrees centigrade, not in whole degrees.
Temperature values in whole degrees are completely useless when using it to do logical comparisons. One example is if I want to use temperature values to control my outdoor pool. The difference between 20 deg C and 21 deg C is to big!

Fixing this bug (and yes, it IS a bug) will not "break other working z-wave devices" if you fix the code. Sure, people would have to rewrite their lua code in scenes, but I'm convinced that they would gladly do that if it meant that they would get temperature values that are useful.

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Colin Burke McClure Jul 27, 2013 09:00AM PDT
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the outreach. I've reviewed your email exchanges with the support team, as well as the other touch points (forums, mantis, etc.) to try to get a better understanding of your request.

We recognize your desire to see a more granular lens applied to temperature reporting, as that is of particular interest for you, personally. However, for the broader audience, this “bug” is not perceived with the same level of criticality.

We've deliberately chosen to report temperature in whole degrees, based on a variety of criteria (not the least of which is operational and visual simplicity), just as most of our commercial contemporaries (AT&T, Control4, Iris, Nexia, Verizon, XFINITY, etc.) within the space have as well.

Nevertheless, as a European Vera owner (and “power user, no less) this degree of specificity could prove understandably useful, to you.

We've got tens of thousands of systems in use, worldwide, and how we address individual requests such as yours requires being mindful of a very fragile balance.

To quote your recent post in our support forums “Sure, people would have to rewrite their lua code in scenes, but I'm convinced that they would gladly do that if it meant that they would get temperature values that are useful.”

While you may feel this is urgent, other Vera users may feel otherwise.

Please understand that ANY code change that may adversely affect other existing users necessitates due diligence and erring on the side of caution.

I can assure you that many (myself included), if not ALL of our users would be (justifiably) upset if we were forced to rewrite code, to restore previous functionality, so you can have more accurate control (68.0° versus 69.8°) of your outdoor pool.

That said, I will reopen the discussion with the engineering team as part of the UI7 development.

If we can implement a user selectable Celsius/Fahrenheit toggle to enable decimal based reporting, without disrupting the existing ecosystem of plugins and user created scenes, we WILL do so.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued support. We appreciate it very much!

Respectfully yours,

Colin Burke McClure
Director of Product Development
Mi Casa Verde ▾ Smarter Home Control
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Paul Schaerer Jul 27, 2013 09:03AM PDT
Hi Daniel
Thanks for this post.
I have the same problem.
I know, it must realy be possible to work with decimals.
Look to Powermeter. They show 3 decimals after point.
So, please fix this bug as soon as possible.
Thanks and regards, Paul (pshomectrl)

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