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(Aeon Labs) Door/Window Sensor Introduction

Last Updated: May 04, 2013 09:59AM PDT
Congratulations on your purchase of the door/window sensor!  With this simple, battery-operated device, your Vera Smart Controller can keep tabs on when the sensor-equipped door or window is opened (or closed). When the sensor is "tripped," the Smart Controller can notify you, wherever you are.  Or, it can tell other smart devices in your system to do things, such as turn on a light, or a group of lights.

Installation and pairing of your door/window sensor is easy and takes just a moment.  First, let's prepare the device for installation.  Begin by removing all included parts from the package, as shown below:

The battery for your sensor is likely pre-installed. If so, it has been shipped with a protective plastic tab to keep the battery from draining until you decide to use it. To make the battery active, you will remove the battery, remove the protective tab, then put the battery back in.

Pinch the two contoured ends of the main sensor together -- this well let you remove the back cover.  Take out the battery and remove the small, protective plastic tab in the battery compartment.  Then replace the battery, being sure that the "plus" side of the battery (protruding end) faces upward in the battery compartment.  

Now snap the sensor's cover back on.Your door/window sensor is now ready to be paired to your Vera Smart Controller.

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