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(VeraLite) Z-Wave Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:57AM PST

Z-Wave, which is the wireless technology that many if not most of your devices will be running on, is what is called a "mesh networking" technology.  This means that there is no one central controller; any Z-Wave device on your network can send and receive commands from any other.

Sometimes errors occur within a Z-Wave network.  Perhaps there was a power outage, or you decided to unplug one of the modules and move it to another room.  Don't worry -- Z-Wave mesh networks can self-repair themselves.


Note: It's best to do a Z-Wave repair overnight, because repairing your network prevents Vera from communicating with your devices, detecting events, reporting activity and the like.  Depending on how many Z-Wave devices you have, the repair can take from a few minutes to a few hours.  Don't do anything else with your system while you're repairing your Z-Wave network.

To repair your Z-Wave network, go to Setup, then Z-Wave Settings as shown:


You will see, among other options a series of buttons to the left, one of them labeled "Repair"


Click the Repair button. After the repair finishes, you can view a repair report that can identify which nodes (devices) on your network have weaker connections.  This can help you identify locations where you might need to move or add a module to improve the Z-Wave network performance.

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