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(VeraLite) Control From Your Smartphone

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:55AM PST

In addition to being able to control your Vera Dashboard from a computer screen -- at home or remotely -- you can also control devices and scenes from your smartphone or tablet, also at home or remotely.

There is a free, web-based interface that you can use with your Vera system.  Simply download the SmartPhone plugin from the Apps section of your Dashboard.  You won't have to download any software onto your phone, just into your Dashboard.

There are also dedicated apps from third party developers that are made to run your Vera system from your phone or tablet.  These may be free or be purchased for a small fee, just like any other phone app you might download.   

Here's a description of both kinds of control environments for your phone:

Free SmartPhone Web Interface Plugin

This basic, web-based tool is a secure way to control your Vera system without having to install anything new on your phone. It works with all phones that have a web browser and it's free.


Again, to use this feature, the SmartPhone plugin must first be installed on your system.

Native Apps

These 3rd party apps require installing an application on your phone. However, they are generally faster and more functional than the web based apps.  These will all work well with your Vera system, and which one you choose to use is completely up to your personal preference.  They are listed in alphabetical order:

SQ Remote
Works with: All iPhone/iPod Touch/iPads
Controls the following from your iPhone or iPod Touch; IP Cameras, IR-AV Equipment, Z-Wave, X-10 and Insteon-based equipment.


Works with: All iPhone/iPod Touch/iPads
iVera is a simple and efficient home automation remote control.


Home Buddy
Works with: All Android Phones
Advanced features including "speak a scene" and activating scenes from a desktop via shortcuts. 



Grasshopper is a Windows Phone 7 application that interfaces with Vera to control Z-Wave compatible devices around your home. 


There will be additional apps and plugins (both free and paid) available to you through our marketplace.  You'll find access to that in in the Apps section of your Dashboard.

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