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(VeraLite) Configuring Individual Devices

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:52AM PST

Once a device like a camera, light switch sensor, etc. has been included  (or joined, paired, etc. depending on the wording used by your particular device's manufacturer) to your Vera network, you have control over that device's setup and behaviors through your Dashboard.

Let's use a Z-Wave enabled SmartSwitch as an example.  Once you've included this device into your system via the Dashboard, you will see its basic functions right away -- in the case of this device, the basic functions are to turn it on or off.

But hover your mouse over the top right of the device's "tab" and you'll see two small icons appear:


The first icon lets you "pin" devices to a Room or a Scene.  Clicking this push-pin icon would "pin" this device onto your Dashboard's first screen, for easy visualization and groupings, much like you'd pin something to your bulletin board.

The second icon, which looks like a wrench, is called the Control Pad, and is what you'll click to view the properties for that particular device.  Depending on the type of device and the device itself, there will be several setup options that can be configured. 

For the example of the SmartSwitch, here is what a configuration screen would look like.  Again, there will be different options available depending on each individual device you're setting up. 

Don't worry -- you won't have to adjust any of these technical parameters if you're not comfortable with them.  Some settings, such as keeping logs, are activities you may want to configure for yourself when you're more familiar with basic operations.  We will discuss these functions in a later section.  In the meantime, you can see a typical Control Pad screen below:


You'll also notice across the top of these Control Tab screens another row of icons:


Here's what these icons perform when you click them:

1) The Question Mark icon -- takes you to a help screen about that particular type of device

2) The Pin icon -- conveniently connects ("pins") the device to the front page of your Dashboard so you have immediate visual access to that device when you want to make changes to it or create new scenes. 

3) The Trash icon -- gives you the option of deleting the device from the Dashboard (note: this does not "exclude" that device from your Vera system.  The deleted devices will still be seen by the network and must undergo the exclusion process to be completely removed from your system.

4) The "X" Icon -- this simply closes the additional setup pop up window.

Now that the device(s) have been added, let's take a look at how we can observe, change and even automate their activities.


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