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Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:49AM PST

To access your VeraLite's functions and configuration, you'll need to create a Mi Casa Verde account.  If you're a new user, click the "Register" link at the top right of the Mi Casa Verde home page (

You'll be brought to a page to create a username and password for your account.  Select a username (alphanumeric characters and numbers only; no spaces) and a password that's at least 5 characters long and includes at least 2 numbers.  Make a note of your username and password.


When you're logged in, you'll see a set of four main function buttons across the top of your screen as shown to view and modify the information in your account, including ways your VeraLite can reach you if you want to receive alerts on your mobile phone.

My Systems:

This gives you information regarding the system(s) that live on your Mi Casa Verde network.  Most homes only use one system, but some environments like small businesses, offices and hotels may use multiple systems from the same account.  Your system information will also show who is the administrator -- in most cases it's just you.





My Contact Info:

This is where you'll fill in the information so that your VeraLite knows how and where to contact you so that you can receive alerts and notifications.  It's also how Mi Casa Verde will keep you up to date on new software updates and capabilities.

1.  Enter your real name (ie John/Jane Smith) and the email address where you can be reached.

2. We recommend that you click both checkboxes to be notified of critical updates and new services.

3. Choose your preferred communications method.  When you want to be notified of an event that your Ver Lite is keeping an eye on, would you like to be notified through email, a text message or both?  Fill in your preferences, including your mobile carrier and the number for your smartphone.



When you're done, click to save your contact info.

Change Password:

If you ever want to change your password, click the Change Password button and you'll be shown the function: 


Mobile Phone:

There are several ways of controlling your VeraLite system from your smartphone.  You can do it from your smartphone's own web browser, or through one of several dedicated apps you can download for your phone. 

For now, let's continue to understanding the operation of your VeraLite and the Mi Casa Verde dashboard that controls it.  We will come back to setting up your smartphone in a later section called Setting Notifications.


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