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(Vera3) Network Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:48AM PST

By default, Vera3 automatically configures its network. If after making proper connections you still don't see your Vera when you log into your account , please follow these steps to fix your networking:

    •    Unplug your Vera3 from the power cord
    •    Unplug all the cables from your Vera3
    •    Plug an Ethernet cable from your computer into your one of your Vera3's LAN ports
    •    Re-connect the power cord to your Vera3
    •    Wait for it to start  - solid lights - and for your computer to show an IP address.
    •    By default you should receive an IP from Vera in the range -

Note: IP stands for Internet Protocol -- it's the "address" that the Internet works with to identify networks, devices, etc.

If you're seeing these numbers as shown above, the Vera3 is functional; let's try the original hookup again.  Please now unplug the power to your Vera3, then disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer.  Then connect your Vera3 again to your broadband modem via the WAN port (not one of the numbered LAN ports). Finally, plug in the power for your Vera3.

Wait up to a minute for the lights to stay solid.  Now log back into your system.  Do you see your Vera3's Dashboard?  If so, your network problem has been solved. 

If you are still unable to see your Vera3 unit after these steps, please contact support at

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