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(Vera3) Z-Wave And Insteon Settings

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:44AM PST

Z-Wave and Insteon are two different wireless systems that each have their own particularities in terms of how they communicate between devices and controllers like your Vera3.  You may add either type of device to your Vera3 system in the Add Devices process.  In most cases, for most users, that's all you'll ever have to do with the specifics of either technology.


If you're an experienced integrator or a developer and want access to the Z-Wave settings, they are called up by clicking Setup and then the Z-Wave submenu:

Note: Please remember that these are advanced options and not recommended for non-expert users.

Polling is the process where Vera tries to ask a Z-Wave device for its current status, such as if it's on or off, at what its temperature reading is, and so on. This is how Vera knows when the status of a device changes, such as when the temperature has changed if it's a thermostat, or if you manually turned a light on or off.

In addition to changing Z-Wave behaviors such as polling, you can change other Z-Wave options by going to the 'Options' tab on 'Zwave device' from the Toolbox -- the wrench icon that appears on top of the device's thumbnail display when you place your mouse over it.

Insteon settings can be accessed the same way as Z-Wave settings.  First go to Setup and then select the Insteon Settings submenu. 


If you haven't already added any Insteon devices, you'll have the option to add support for Insteon on the following screen:


Enable Insteon and X10 support by clicking the appropriate button.  The process can take up to a minute.  When the system has finished, you'll see a screen that allows further configuration of these devices.  And as with all devices, further adjustments can be made by going to the 'Options' tab on the specific device from that device's from the Toolbox -- the wrench icon that appears on top of the device's thumbnail display when you place your mouse over it.


Again, these settings are largely for highly advanced users such as installers, integrators and developers.  Most users will never have to worry about making any adjustments to Z-Wave or Insteon settings.

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