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(Vera3) Wi-Fi Client Mode

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:44AM PST

Your Vera3 can work as both your main Wi-Fi router and also along with your Wi-Fi router.  If you'll be using it as your main Wi-Fi router, Vera3 will usually be connected directly to your broadband modem or home network through a physical wire connection.  This connection is ideal, but sometimes you may want or need to position your Vera3 in a part of the house where a wire is impossible.


If you already have another Wi-Fi router in the home, you can make Vera3 work in "client mode." This means that instead of your Vera3 providing Wi-Fi to other devices, Vera3 instead gets access to the Internet from your existing Wi-Fi router.


In the Dashboard, click Setup and then Net & Wi-Fi:

You will be presented with an option to use Vera3 "Through A Wi-Fi Access Point. Vera is a Bridge."  Then you'll need to scan your network so that Vera3 and your existing Wi-Fi router can recognize each other.


Important Note: When Vera3 is in Client Mode, there must be no physical cables connected to Vera3 (other than the power cord).  Unplug any cables from the Vera3 out to any broadband router you may have connected it to, and unplug any cables from other devices that are physically plugged in to the ports on the back of the Vera3.  These cables can cause confusion in your home network.  If you're going to use client mode, think of Vera3 as just another Wi-Fi device that shouldn't be plugged into anything besides the wall.

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