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(Vera3) Placement And Vera3's Range

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:40AM PST

Since it connects either to a computer or a device that's plugged into your computer, the Vera gateway is usually placed nearby to these components.

While Vera's Z-Wave range can travel as far as 100 feet once it's controlling devices (and up to triple that distance outdoors), you need to be much closer than that to make the initial introduction between the devices to include them. There are two ways you can do this:
1) If the Vera is plugged into the wall and near your computer, you can bring the devices you want to include within 3 feet of Vera and do the inclusion from this distance.  Remember that this is only a one-time process and will only take a few seconds.  Once included, you can move the included device further away in your home or even outside.
2) If you need to include Z-Wave controllable devices that are not easily moved to your Vera's location, like a door lock or a thermostat, you can put the power the Vera3 with the included battery and bring it to the needed locations for the inclusion process.

To temporarily power Vera3 with the included battery, first make sure that the battery is charged:



The battery pack comes with its own supplied AC adapter -- you'll recognize it by its red and green LED lights.  Plug this adapter into the battery's DC port and then into an electrical outlet.  Then turn on the battery. Full charging for battery operation will take approximately eight hours.
The battery also comes with a supplied cable to connect to the Vera3 for when you need to physically move Vera3 to the non-movable devices you want to pair with. Simply disconnect the Vera3's AC power cable (the one that goes into the wall) and connect the battery to that port instead.  You're now ready to walk Vera3 anywhere around your home to pair controllable devices.

When you're done including devices around your house with Vera3 in its battery mode, simply turn off the battery and disconnect it, and then connect your Vera3 in its original place near your computer.

Again, the inclusion process for a Z-Wave device only happens once and in most cases  you can pretty much forget about it once it's done. Sometimes you may decide to  remove included devices from your system if you choose, and you can do that too.  Now let's look at a simple and typical pairing example with Vera3.


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