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(Vera3) What Is Including?

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:40AM PST

In order to add a Z-Wave controllable device to your Vera network, you go through a one-time process that lets Vera "recognize" the device so it can be part of the network.  This process is called "including," and also "pairing" -- both always mean the same thing.

All that including really does is let one device tell the other about itself.  The process takes just a couple of seconds and is usually enacted by simply putting your Vera gateway into "include" mode and pushing a button on the device you want to include.  In those seconds, Vera will "see" the new device, capture its vital information and be able to now control it from anywhere.

Including -- or pairing -- is usually done by bringing the device to be included within 3 feet of your Vera.  You do the following:

1) You put Vera in include mode by pressing the Z-Wave button once, which puts Vera into a "learn" mode. The Z-Wave light should be blinking slowly.
2) You activate the including process on the device you want to include -- cameras, light switches, sensors, etc. -- by pushing a button on the device. The specific instructions for any device's inclusion mode varies by manufacturer; follow the instructions that came with the device you want to include.
3) Vera sees the new device and recognizes it.  Now it's included in your network.

Remember:  Different manufacturers of Z-Wave products often use different button sequences to include their devices into a network.  Some may instruct you to push a button once, sometimes twice in succession, sometimes hold the button down until a light goes on or changes.  These will all be spelled out for you in the instruction manual of the Z-Wave device you want to include in your Vera network.
Now that we know a bit about including, let's describe how you'll include new devices to your Vera.



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