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(Vera3) What Vera3 Can Monitor And Control

Last Updated: May 28, 2013 01:07PM PDT

Depending on how you want to use it -- as your main Wi-Fi router or connected into an existing one -- your Vera3 gateway can control almost any device in your home that works off of electricity (and many that work on batteries too).
You're probably familiar with the kinds of things that Wi-Fi is good for, such as browsing the web from computers and tablets, or streaming music or video around your home using your broadband connection.  But Wi-Fi is  is generally a separate idea from the kinds of control and monitoring activities you'll accomplish with Vera3, which not only features Wi-Fi, but also Z-Wave. 
In most cases, Z-Wave controllable devices are what you'll be using with Vera3.  These include cameras, sensors, locks, on-off switches, dimmers and the like that you can easily and affordably add to your home, one device at a time if you like, or throughout the entire house.
Here are some of the principal types of Z-Wave controllable devices that are commonly used in smart home and monitoring applications.

Inexpensive IP (Internet Protocol) cameras have revolutionized security and communications by showing live video from one location to another via the Internet.  Most of them work via Wi-Fi, but there are many indoor and outdoor cameras that "speak" Z-Wave, including the Mi Casa Verde VistaCam.
Lighting controls


It's easy for Vera to control lights that have had Z-Wave control added to them. There are many inexpensive Z-Wave switches and dimmers that you simply plug your lights into before plugging into the wall.  There are also wall switches and dimmers that are powered by Z-Wave. 
Door Locks

There are numerous locks on the market, available individually at retail or from your security company, that speak Z-Wave and can be monitored and controlled by your Vera3.  You can set different electronic keys for different people, lock or unlock doors remotely, set up timers for locking/unlocking, etc. Your door lock activity can also be tied to a security alarm panel; this is a common scenario.

There are a wide range of Z-Wave sensors available on the market that can send out information to your Vera3, which can then alert you to the information senses" (daylight, humidity, etc.) or make other devices react accordingly.  For example, a motion sensor can turn on a light, and a daylight sensor can tell Vera to change the thermostat or open a motorized shade.

Heating and air conditioning are two of the most expensive drains on a home's energy profile, and simple management of home climate can dramatically reduce your energy bills.  Many other home climate and irrigation devices, like humidity sensors and automatic lawn sprinklers, can speak Z-Wave and work with your Vera3.
There are many more types of Z-Wave controllable devices on the market, and many more coming.  You can use any of them with your Vera3 system, but they all "join" your Vera3 Z-Wave network in the same way, in a process called pairing.  Let's look at that process now.

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