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(Vera3) Triggering Scenes

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:43AM PST

A trigger is an event that tells your Vera3 to run a scene. The trigger can come from any device, which tells the other devices involved in the scene to do their jobs.

As an example, perhaps you want a motion sensor to turn on a light or a camera, or trigger an alarm system.  Or you could download an app for weather forecasts, and have your thermostat react intelligently to changes in weather.

To set triggers for your scenes, click Automation in your Dashboard.  You will be presented with a display of the scenes that you've created as shown.  Place your mouse on the top bar of the scene's thumbnail and you'll see a set of icons appear. 


The wrench icon is always where you make adjustments to a device or a scene, so click on that to start setting your trigger. You'll be brought to a display of all the devices that are included in that scene, as shown:


Now click Triggers at the top of your Dashboard, and you'll be moved to a screen that lets you add a trigger.  Since there aren't any triggers set yet, the list will be blank and you will see a button to add a trigger. Click to add the trigger.  You'll see a drop down menu of the devices in your system; select one to be the device that triggers the scene.


Any of the devices that you see in this drop down menu can be a trigger for other devices or groups of devices.  For this example, In this Late Night scene, you could have the dimmed lights disable the motion detector.  After all, you are expecting this late guest and don't want the motion detector to do anything.


When you're done adding your trigger, remember to save your work.

Triggers can also be set to occur automatically, based on schedules that you set.  Let's look at how to do that now.


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