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(Vera3) Dashboard Basics/Personalization

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:41AM PST

Now that your Vera3 is connected to your computer and you have a basic knowledge of how to bring controllable devices into your system, let's get down to the heart of Vera  -- the Vera Dashboard.

First log into your system, if you haven't already done so.  You can access your Vera account at the top of the Mi Casa Verde web site at  We suggest saving your login page as a bookmark for convenient access to your system.

The Vera Dashboard

The Vera Dashboard is a web-based interface that provides the control center for things you want to control and monitor with your Vera system.  It can be accessed at home or via the internet from any web browser or internet-enabled phone.  It's secure too -- the Vera system uses the same security mechanisms as banks do for online banking.

The Vera Dashboard is where you:

• Set up and configure your Vera system
• Add more users to your Vera account
• Set up notifications for yourself
• Log and control your energy usage
• Remove a Vera unit from your account.

Let's first make sure that your information has been properly entered into your Vera system.  Click the Account tab at the top of the Dashboard screen:

This is where you will enter and modify your contact information.  For example, if you want to be notified of events that occur in your home, such as door lock activity or motion sensor being tripped, you can set up the Dashboard to send you an email or text alert to the contact you specify.

Complete the email and phone settings only -- the first two options available to you.  We'll return to setting up your Notification Events and actual Text Notifications in a later section.


When you're done entering your email and phone settings, click Save My Contact Info.

Note: We strongly recommend checking the box to receive news of critical updates and alerts; this way you'll know you'll always have access to the latest software to run your system.

In this same Account section, you'll also see tabs for:

• Change My Password -- lets you change your own password, if you so desire

• My Alerts -- here's where you can assign and view alerts that you've asked Vera to monitor

• Other Users -- you can allow other people to access your Vera system, if you choose

• Tech Support -- this lets you contact our support team and keep track of any issues you may be having

• Veras -- this lets you select between multiple Vera systems that you may own, such as Vera systems in multiple locations.

When you're done entering your email and phone information, let's start adding new devices to your Vera system that can be controlled and monitored through the Dashboard.


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