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(Vera3) Connect Vera3 To Your Home Network

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013 11:39AM PST

Vera3 can either act as your home's main Wi-Fi router, or if you already have a working Wi-Fi setup, you can simply add your Vera3 to your existing Wi-Fi router.  In either case, Vera3's control and monitoring capabilities remain the same. 

Choose one of the steps below:

If You Want To Use Vera3 As Your Main Wi-Fi Router:

First, use the supplied Ethernet cable to connect the Ethernet (WAN) port on the far left of your Vera3's rear panel to an available Ethernet port in the broadband modem/gateway that your ISP service (cable, satellite, fiber optic, etc.) has provided for you as shown.  Connect the Vera3 power adapter (the one marked "Sunny') into the Vera3 12V power receptacle, and then plug "Sunny" into an AC electrical outlet.


Vera3 Rear Panel

In about 60 seconds, 3 lighted LED indicators for Power, WAN and Wi-Fi will be it up solidly, and not blinking. Your Vera3 is now connected to act as your main Wi-Fi router.


Vera3 Front Panel


On your PC screen, you will find a secure, encrypted Wi-Fi network with the name "vera" followed by your unit's serial number, which is also printed on the bottom of your unit.  To "join" this network, you'll need to enter the secure password that's printed on the bottom of your Vera3's case.

If You Want To Simply Add Vera3 To A Wi-Fi Router You Already Own:

If you already have a working Wi-Fi router, use this connection to simply add Vera3's control capabilities to your existing Wi-Fi system.  Use the supplied Ethernet cable to connect Vera3 to one of your existing Wi-Fi router's connection ports.  Connect the Vera3 power adapter (the one marked "Sunny') into the Vera3 12V power receptacle, and then plug "Sunny" into an AC electrical outlet.


Vera3 Rear Panel

In about 60 seconds, lighted LED indicators for Power and Z-Wave will be lit and not blinking. Your Vera3 is now properly connected to your Wi-Fi router and ready for next configuration steps.


Vera3 Front Panel


If you cannot get these indicators to light up solid or need to change advanced settings, like setting a static IP, see the troubleshooting guide at http://urltobedetermined.

Now that you've successfully connected your Vera3 to your home network, you're ready to set up an account that gives you secure access to your Vera3 system.  But first, we'd like to show you an installation option that you may want to know about before you continue:

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Your Vera3 unit wirelessly talks to other controllable devices throughout your home.  In order to do this, it has to first recognize these other devices in an initial process called "pairing." This is an easy step -- you bring the device you want to pair within 3 feet of the Vera3, push a button on the Vera3 and the pairing of the new device is complete.

Sometimes however, there may be controllable devices in your home that are not easily moved within pairing distance of your Vera3, for example, a light switch that is already installed in a wall in another room, or a door lock.
To allow pairing for these situations, Vera3 includes a battery pack that lets you bring Vera3 next to these devices instead of the other way around.  Depending on your needs, this step is optional, but if you do have pre-installed or otherwise non-movable controllable devices that you want to pair and control with Vera3, here's how to do it via battery:



The battery pack comes with its own supplied AC adapter -- you'll recognize it by its red and green LED lights.  Plug this adapter into the battery's DC port and then into an electrical outlet.  Then turn on the battery. Full charging for this optional battery operation will take approximately eight hours.
The battery also comes with a cable to connect to the Vera3 for when you need to physically move Vera3 to the non-movable devices you want to pair with. Simply disconnect the Vera3's AC power cable (the one that goes into the wall) and connect the battery to that port instead.  You're now ready to walk Vera3 anywhere around your home to pair controllable devices.


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