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(Vera3) Vera3: Introduction & First Steps

Last Updated: May 05, 2013 09:20AM PDT

Thank you for purchasing Vera3 by Mi Casa Verde!

You are about to enter a world of advanced control and monitoring that will make your life more convenient, secure and enjoyable.  We want your setup experience to be as simple as possible.  Please follow the instructions below to set up your Vera3 and the devices you'll want it to control and monitor.

We'll explain it all in easy steps as we go along, but in short, here's what you'll be doing:

1) You'll Connect Vera3 To Your Home Network
You can use Vera3 as your main Wi-Fi router, or add it to a Wi-Fi router you may already be using in your home.

2) You'll Create A User Account
You'll create a secure login for yourself, and the Setup Wizard will guide you through initial setup.
3) You'll "Include" The Devices You Want To Control
Also known as "pair" and "add," this process lets Vera3 recognize new devices you want to add to your system like lighting modules, cameras and sensors, so that you can control or monitor them.
4) You'll Tell Vera3 How You Want To Control The Devices
A web-based "Dashboard" will let you set up timers, text alerts and other commands.
Let's get started!  To begin your setup process, let's first connect your Vera3 to your home network.


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