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(Aeon Labs) Viewing Energy And Setting Notifications

Last Updated: May 17, 2013 11:46AM PDT
To see the energy being consumed by the household with the home energy meter installed, simply look at the energy monitor's device on your Vera Dashboard.  You'll see watts being consumed by the household (as well as by the energy meter) and how many kilowatt hours have been used:

You can set a notification if the energy usage detected by your home energy meter is above or below a certain level. While these levels can be left alone (unless you're a qualified electrician), here's how you can set an alert if the home's voltage goes above or below normal.

First, hover your mouse over the top right of the home energy meter's device on your Dashboard.  The wrench icon will appear -- click it and then select the "Device Options" menu.

As you can see, there are numerous variables for your home energy that can be set as triggers for your alerts. Again, most of these can be left alone, unless you're a qualified electrician or advanced user.  

To have your lock send you notifications, you must first have set your notification preferences (email address, etc.) in your Vera system.

If you have the VeraLite Smart Controller, click here to learn how to set your Notifications preferences.

If you have the Vera3 Smart Controller, click here to learn how to set your Notifications preferences.

In the Device Options menu, you'll see that the first value is 120 volts -- this is the standard for US households, so it needn't be changed -- we're only using it for the sake of the notification example.

Now that we know that 120 volts is our "Desired Value" as shown in the top most field, you can set a notification for yourself if the voltage level in your home goes above or below 120 volts.  Click on the "Notifications" menu and you'll see a new screen;

Fill in a name for your notification so that you can easily identify what's happened when you get a notification.  Then use the drop-down menu to select which event will trigger a notification, as shown:

If the voltage being read by your home energy meter goes above the 120 volts that have been set as "Desired" you will receive an email or text notification, depending on the preferences that you've set.

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