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(Aeon Labs) Installing The Home Energy Meter

Last Updated: May 17, 2013 11:49AM PDT
The installation of your home energy meter should only be performed by a licensed electrician!  The following instructions are for the professional installer:

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the circuit box’s main breaker should be turned off to perform these installation steps.

  1. Turn the main breaker off.
  2. Open the main circuit box panel.
  3. Clip one clamp of the meter around the incoming electricity cable that connects to the main circuit breaker.
  4. Connect the clamp to the meter using a Clamp Connector.
  5. Connect the AC Wire to the meter using the AC Wire Connector.
  6. Wire the AC Wire into one breaker. The brown wire is Live, the blue wire is neutral.
  7. Replace the main circuit box panel.
  8. Turn the main breaker back on.

It is now time to place the main body of the Home Energy Meter. Inside the meter is a radio antenna used for communications, and this must be taken into consideration when selecting a location for the meter.

If the circuit boxes is made of metal the radio signal strength may be reduced. In this situation it is recommended that the main body of the meter be affixed outside the circuit box. This will improve the radio signal strength. The home energy meter has been weatherized so that it is resistant to rain and snow when placed vertically with the wires protruding from the bottom of the unit.

To place the Home Energy Meter:

  1. Unslot the backing plate from the back of the energy meter.
  2. Affix the plate to the selected wall space using the provided screws.
  3. Attach the energy meter to the backing plate.



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