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(Evolve) LPM-15 Lighting/Appliance Module Introduction

Last Updated: May 14, 2013 11:17AM PDT
Congratulations on your purchase of the Evolve LPM-15 plug-in lighting module.  This simple device makes any lamp or appliance that you plug into it remotely or automatically controllable.

 What It Does
Once you've "paired"  this lighting module to your Mi Casa Verde system and its Smart Controller, you can turn lights that are plugged into it on or off, or and do the same with small appliances like space heaters, humidifiers and fans.  You can do this from your computer, your smartphone or a tablet. Or, if you prefer, you can have the module react automatically to a schedule that you set.  You can also make this module control the actions of other smart devices in your system, or be controlled by them.
There are two AC outlets on your module.  One of them is controllable through your Vera system, while the other is for unaffected "pass-through" electricity.  Think of it as a convenience outlet that you wouldn't need to turn on and off, like that of a clock or an aquarium filter.

When you want to make a lamp or other device 'smart' and controllable, make sure you use the AC outlet that's been marked with the "Z-Wave" logo.

To bring your smart module into your Vera system, you must first "pair" it to the system.  Let's take that step now...

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