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(Yale) Controlling The Pushbutton Lock From The Dashboard

Last Updated: May 13, 2013 02:40PM PDT
One your Pushbutton lock has been paired to your system, you have control over it from anywhere. In addition to the controls you have from your Vera Dashboard, there are also many features that are accessed from the lock directly.  For detailed descriptions of these lock-only functions, please download the full user's manual from the link at the bottom of this page.

To access Vera's controls and settings for your pushbutton lock, hover your mouse over the top right of the blue bar for the lock's device display, which brings up the wrench icon.  Click the wrench icon:

The first thing you'll see in the "Settings" menu is the option to lock or unlock the door.  You have this option at the previous level of of the Dashboard of course, but it is available to you here as well.  Your next settings will be where you can assign new codes to users -- family, friends, service providers and the like.


When you've clicked the wrench icon, select the "Codes" menu.  You'll see two fields in which you can enter codes for users, and give them names, as shown in the example below. To create new codes, give it a name, and then enter a 4-8 digit PIN code.  Click the "Set" button to save the electronic "key."

NOTE: You can assign up to 250 keys using Vera.

You can choose to have Vera keep a copy of PIN codes that you've assigned, so that you always know who has digital keys to your door.  But you can also make these keys restricted to certain people, and at certain times.  For example, you may only want to have a certain PIN be valid on a certain day, only between certain house.  Vera lets you make these rules for your smart lock.

From the "Pin Codes" menu, each recipient of a digital key has a "Restrict Code" option.  Click this option, and you'll see a drop-down menu that lets you set a daily or weekly time restriction for that user, as shown below:

When you've created a restriction, you can decide which days of the week that restriction is in effect, and what time of day it will be active.  In the example below, the house cleaner's PIN code is restricted to Tuesdays between 9 AM and 12 PM.

Any user can be assigned recurring restrictions, or new users can be assigned temporary usage too. For example, if the cable repairman is scheduled to show up on Wednesday between 3-5 PM but you won't be home, you can create a temporary PIN code that's good only on Wed between 3 and 5 PM.

When you've made changes, be sure to save them by clicking the large red "SAVE" button on the top right of your Dashboard.
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