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Welcome To Your Mi Casa Verde Starter Package

Last Updated: May 21, 2013 04:44AM PDT

Congratulations on your purchase of the Mi Casa Verde Starter Package!  You are now on your way to making your home safer and more secure, and have laid the foundation for an energy-saving household that not only gives you more security and convenience, but will save you money each month on your electric bill.

The Starter Package has three major components.  It includes a VeraLite Smart Controller, which is the brains of the system.  The package also includes a wireless camera and a smart lamp module that turns any plug-in lamp or light fixture into a remotely controllable 'smart object.' Of course, you can add new smart devices to your system at any time.  


The basic premise of the Mi Casa Verde system is that your Vera Smart Controller communicates wirelessly with your other smart devices -- in this case, the camera and the lamp module.  All you have to do is communicate with your VeraLite and tell it what you want it to do.



Let's look at the three components of your Starter Package:



This compact device connects to your home Wi-Fi router or gateway via a single (supplied) cable.  When you've connected it and created an account, you get a web-based interface called the Vera Dashboard.  This is what gives you easy control over all your home's smart devices from anywhere.

The VeraLite plugs into your home's Wi-Fi system, and within moments is ready for you to start your Vera account.  When you've set up an account, you begin adding -- the process is called "pairing" -- devices to your Smart Controller. In the case of the Starter Package, you have two devices to pair -- the camera and the lamp module.


To get started connecting your VeraLite and creating your account, click here.



This stylish and discreet camera will give you color images from a wide 90 degree angle of view, and can see in the dark up to 20 feet away with night vision.  You can see live footage from a computer, tablet or phone, and can save (archive) footage for later viewing.


To set up your VistaCam and make it part of your smart home, click here...


This absolutely simple device makes anything that you plug into it smart and remote controllable.  Besides lamps and other plug-in lighting fixtures, this plug-in module will also make small appliances equally smart, such as humidifiers, space heaters, air purifiers and more.

To set up your smart lighting & appliance module, click here...


Enjoy your smart home system by Mi Casa Verde!  

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