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(Wintop) Controlling Your 3-Way Sensor

Last Updated: May 12, 2013 08:18AM PDT
When you've paired the 3-way sensor to your Vera Smart Controller, you will see three separate device boxes show up on your Dashboard for lighting, motion and temperature.  

Even though all three functions are coming from the same device (your 3-way sensor), keeping them separate like this helps you categorize your devices for easy access in your Dashboard.  For example, you can click the "Climate" menu in your Dashboard and the temperature sensor of your 3-way sensor will show up.  The motion sensor shows up for your in the "Security" menu and so on.

To make adjustments to any of these functions, simply hover your mouse over the top right of the blue bar for the functions you want to access.  The wrench icon will appear and you'll click it to get at the settings.


This primary function senses motion up to 30 feet from the sensor.  You can arm the motion sensor of bypass it by simply clicking the appropriate button on the device's Dashboard display.  To delve deeper into the motion sensor's settings, hover your mouse over the top right of the device's blue bar in the Dashboard as shown below.  The wrench icon will appear -- click it to access more controls.


Now let's set a notification, as an example -- the motion sensor will send you an email or text when its motion sensing has been tripped.  Once you've clicked the wrench, select the "Notifications" menu as shown:

NOTE: To set notifications for a device, you must first enter your notifications preferences (email address, etc.).  

If you have the VeraLite Smart Controller, click here to learn how to set your Notifications preferences.

If you have the Vera3 Smart Controller, click here to learn how to set your Notifications preferences.

First, let's give your notification a name.  Fill in the field with something that will help you identify the notification at a glance, such as "garage motion detected,' etc.  When you've named the notification, use the drop-down menu to select when the notification will be sent to you, as shown:

In this same way, you can set notifications for your sensor's temperature and light sensing capabilities.  Simply click on the device's wrench icon in the Dashboard to bring up its settings, and choose the "Notifications" menu.

Notifications for temperature alerts:

Notifications for illumination alerts:

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