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(Wintop) 3-Way Sensor Introduction

Last Updated: May 12, 2013 08:17AM PDT
Congratulations on your acquisition of the 3-way sensor! In addition to its primary function as a motion detector that can send and receive information from your Smart Controller, it also includes temperature and light level sensors, as well as a sensor to let you know when the battery level is low.

In addition to showing you the light and temperature of the area around it at any time, you can also have your 3-way sensor trigger other devices in your smart home system.  For example, you may want to have it turn on a light or a camera when the motion sensing is tripped.  

You can also have the 3-way sensor send you a notification via email or text to let you know that it has picked up motion, or achieved a certain temperature or lighting level.  

To start with your 3-way sensor please familiarize yourself with the location of its internal sensors.  The unit should be installed indoors only, and right side up in the way illustrated below:

Before you can use your 3-way sensor, you must first pair it to your Vera Smart Controller.  

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