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(Wintop) Install Your Door/Window Sensor

Last Updated: May 10, 2013 06:44AM PDT

The door/window sensor can be placed on any door or window.

The door/window sensor comes in two parts; the main unit with the batteries and the smaller contact unit.  You can mount these on any interior door or window frame.  To mount the sensor (after it's been paired to your system, and batteries are installed inside), follow these steps:

1. Use a flat screwdriver at the inlets on the sides to gently unlock the back cover.

2. Use the designated holes on the back cover to mount the sensor to the door/window frame with the supplied screws.

3. Place the sensor onto the back cover, be sure to close it on all sides.

4. Remove the back cover of the smaller magnet component of the door/window sensor, mount it on the other side of the door/window frame so that both pieces make near-contact with each other, and repeat step 2 and 3 with the magnet for mounting it.

When the door/window is closed, the two components of the door/window sensor should nearly touch each other. When you've installed the sensor, return to your Vera Dashboard to make additional settings and preferences.

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