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(RTCOA) Control The CT80 From Your Dashboard

Last Updated: May 14, 2013 07:13PM PDT
When you've successfully paired your CT80 thermostat to your Vera Smart Controller, you'll see it appear in the Dashboard, under "Devices" and then the "Climate" menu as shown below:

From your Dashboard, you can now control your CT80 thermostat from anywhere.

You'll see the current temperature displayed on the left, and can raise or lower it with the plus and minus buttons to the right -- red for heating and blue for cooling.  When you've made changes to this device, you'll see the bottom of its Dashboard display to let you know the communication between the thermostat and your Smart Controller was successful.

From here, you can also remotely control the thermostat's current running mode.  Since this is a smart thermostat, there are multiple ways of controlling the climate, beyond simply changing the temperature.

You'll see three columns of functions for the CT80, in addition to the plus and minus buttons to the right for heating and cooling.  

LEFT COLUMN (Modes for the thermostat)
Off: Turns the thermostat (and your heating/cooling system) off.
Auto: This engages timed settings and climate preferences that you choose on the actual thermostat.
Cool: Tells the thermostat to turn on the cooling system.
Heat: Tells the thermostat to run the heat.

CENTER COLUMN (Modes for the fan)
Auto: Tells the thermostat to turn the fan on and/or off to achieve the desired temperature.
On: Tells the thermostat to keep the fan running continuously.
CycleThis feature allows you to set some leeway in temperature between the desired CT80 setting and the actual room temperature before the heating or cooling system will turn on—from 0.5° to 2.0° F (.25° to 1° C). For example, if Cycle on the CT80 is set to 2.0° F and the you've set the target temperature to 70°F, the heat cycle would not start until the room temperature drops to 68°. Similarly, the cooling system will not kick-in until the room temperature increases to 72°F. The HVAC shuts off at the target temperature. To make this setting on the thermostat, consult the detailed CT80 operation manual attached at the bottom of this page.


Normal: The CT80, and your heating/cooling system is running normally.
This feature provides a simple, easy-to-use way to help you manage your energy use. This button automatically adjusts your target temperature up [in Cool] or down [in Heat] by a number of degrees that you choose (four degrees is the default).  

So if, for example, you left home and to run some errands, you could save up to 5 degrees of climate while you're gone by simply clicking the Energy mode.  The home will run using less energy while you're away, but still be close to what you want when you get home. 
To adjust the number of degrees you want for the Energy mode, simply press Save Energy button in the upper left corner of the CT80 as shown: 

The screen will now read “Save Energy Δ 4°and the Target Temperature will adjust by that offset. Use the +/- buttons to change the offset. The available range is 2°-9°F [1°-5°C]

To return to normal operation, press the “Save Energy” button again. The CT80 will resume heating or cooling to the temperature that you've selected.

There are several more adjustments you can make from the Dashboard for your CT80 thermostat.  Let's look at them now: PREVIOUS: Pairing The CT80 Thermostat


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