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(RCTOA) Pairing The CT80 Thermostat

Last Updated: May 13, 2013 08:05AM PDT
When the CT80 thermostat is installed in your wall and receiving power, the next step is to pair it to your Vera Smart Controller so that you can operate or program your thermostat from anywhere.

The home screen of your CT80 looks like the illustration below.  To pair the thermostat to your Smart Controller, touch the button marked "Menu" on the lower right side of the unit as shown;

The menu will appear, as shown below. Touch the "Network" menu option.

The next screen will show you buttons to start the wireless "Network" connection you'll want to make to your Vera Smart Controller.  Choose "Radio 1" for your system.

NOTE: All wireless devices use miniature "radios" in order to be wireless, so don't be confused by the term here.  Since your CT80 can be operated by more than one wireless network, you'll see options for more than one radio.  Don't worry, you only need one.

Now put your Vera Controller into "Battery" mode and bring it to within 3 feet of your CT80 thermostat.

If you have a VeraLite Smart Controller, click here for instructions on how to enter battery mode.
If you have a Vera3 Smart Controller, click here for instructions on how to enter battery mode. 

If you're using a VeraLite Smart Controller, push the "+" button on the top of the unit to put it into pairing mode.  The orange light will flash slowly -- VeraLite is ready for pairing.

If you're using a Vera3 Smart Controller, push the "Z-Wave" button on the front panel to put it into pairing mode.  The green Z-Wave LED light will flash slowly -- Vera3 is ready for pairing.

Now, push the "Mate" button on the screen of your CT80 as shown:

The blinking light on your Vera Smart Controller will flash quickly to show the thermostat was paired to it, then return to blinking slowly.  The CT80 will display the name of your network to show it was paired.

On the VeraLite, push the "+" button again and hold it for 5 seconds to save the pairing.  On the Vera3, push the "Z-Wave" button and hold it for a count of 3.  Now return your Smart Controller to its usual spot and plug the power and network cables back in. PREVIOUS: Installing The CT80 Thermostat


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