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(Aeon Labs) Pairing Your Door/Window Sensor

Last Updated: May 04, 2013 07:18AM PDT
Once the battery has been installed, your door/window sensor is ready to be paired to your Vera Smart Controller.  This takes just a moment.

First, put your Smart Controller into pairing mode:

To Pair With The VeraLite Smart Controller:

Tap the "+" button on your VeraLite and you will see the "Ready" light blinking once per second.

 The VeraLite is now in "pairing" mode and ready to recognize the door/window module.

To Pair With The Vera3 Smart Controller

Press the "Z-Wave" button on the front panel.  You will see the green "Z-Wave" light flash once per second.

The Vera3 is now in "pairing" mode and ready to recognize the door/window module.

Put The Door/Window Sensor Into Pairing Mode
Bring the door/window sensor to within six feet of your Vera Smart Controller. Then push the button on the rear of the unit as shown below, and hold for a count of 3.

Now the front of the door/window sensor will flash red, indicating that it is ready to communicate for pairing with your Vera Smart Controller.  

On the Vera Lite:
The orange light will blink quickly to show that it recognized the sensor, then return to blinking slowly, in case you want to pair more devices.  To save your pairing, push the "+" button for a count of 5. 

On the Vera3:
The green Z-Wave light will flash quickly to show that the plug-in module was recognized.  Hold in the "Z-Wave" button for 3 seconds to save the pairing.  

NOTE: The door/window sensor will flash red and stay in its "ready" state for 10 minutes, even though the actual pairing only takes a few seconds. 

Your door/window sensor should now be paired.  You will see your Vera Dashboard at work for a few seconds as shown:

And in the "Devices" screen of your Dashboard, you will see that your door/window sensor is now part of your smart home system:

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