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(Evolve) Controlling The LDM-15 Plug-In Module

Last Updated: May 14, 2013 06:51PM PDT
Once your Evolve plug-in lamp module has been paired to your Vera system, you can turn lights on and off from anywhere, and dim them as well.  

NOTE: The maximum wattage of devices plugged into the module should not exceed 300 watts.

When the lamp modules have been paired to your system, you'll see them appear on your Dashboard as shown below:

Because the lights are now smart and remotely controllable and dimmable, you'll see intuitive controls for doing either.  To turn a lamp that's been plugged into a smart module on or off, simply click the on-screen button for on or off.  The light will react accordingly.

If you want to set a dim level for the light, simply use the slider to decide how much illumination you want.  At full-on light with the slider all the way to the right, the Dashboard will show you the lamp is using 100% of its possible illumination.  If you move the slider to the left, you can dim to whatever percentage you like; i.e., 50% power is half-dimmed, and so on.

When you've set a percentage on your Dashboard for how much light you want from the smart lamp, every time you turn on that lamp, that light will illuminate to the dimming level that you've selected.  You can also perform these controls from your mobile phone, or a remote computer or tablet from anywhere there's an Internet connection.
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