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(VistaCam PT) Panning & Tilting Your VistaCam PT

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2013 06:58AM PDT
Your VistaCam PT is able to move its angle of view horizontally (panning) or vertically (tilting).  You can see the results of these movements in the camera window, and also use these settings to simplify your installation, even if you want to leave the camera in a stationary position.

Use the blue arrows to pan left and right, or tilt up and down.

For example, if you wanted to mount your camera on a ceiling or a wall, simply mount it wherever it's most convenient to attach the base -- you don't have to mount it so that the camera lens points at your desired location.  Once you've mounted the camera, you can return to your Dashboard and pan or tilt to the point of view that you want.

To pan your camera left or right, click the left or right arrows surrounding the camera controller in your Dashboard as shown.  To tilt up or down, click the up or down arrows.

NOTE: Future software upgrades will allow you to select up to 8 pre-set camera postions.
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