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(VistaCam PT) Viewing VistaCam From Your Dashboard

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2013 06:27AM PDT
Once your VistaCam PT has been recognized by your Vera system, you can view images directly from your Dashboard.  From the main menu, select "Devices" then "Cameras."  Your VistaCam PT should show up on your Dashboard as shown below:

To view the footage that you VistaCam is now seeing, simply click the "View" button. You will be taken to a closer look at the live video stream as it's occurring:

Watching from this screen, you can point the camera to where you'd like to see images.  As the VistaCam PT model is able to pan and tilt, you can also remotely point the camera to where you want to see things.  

Now that your VistaCam PT is producing images and you're seeing them on the Dashboard, you can start to assign preferences and behaviors to the camera.  There are lots of options, but first, you may want to move the camera to another part of your home where a long network cable may not be desirable.  You can make the camera work wirelessly through your Wi-Fi router and your Vera system.

This takes just a few steps and only has to happen once -- after that your camera will always be recognized wirelessly.  If you'd like to make your VistaCam wireless, let's move to those steps now.

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