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(SmartSwitch) Controlling SmartSwitch From The Dashboard

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2013 05:47AM PDT
Once your SmartSwitch has been paired to your Vera Smart Controller, log into your Dashboard and you will see the SmartSwitch appear as controllable device, as shown in the example below. In this example, the SmartSwitch has lights plugged into it, but you can plug virtually anything into a SmartSwitch and control and monitor it remotely.

You'll immediately see the energy usage from the device that's plugged into the SmartSwitch. In this example, two lights are plugged in; one is consuming only 3 watts, while the other is consuming 18 watts.  If you plugged another device into the SmartSwitch, it would show you the energy usage of that as well.  Some electronics, like space heaters and dehumidifiers consume a lot of energy.  Other, newer electronics are more efficient, like lamps that use energy-efficient bulbs and flat screen TVs that consume only tiny amounts of power in standby mode.

Remember, you can add a SmartSwitch to practically anything that plugs into the wall and monitor the energy usage. You can even plug an entire AC electrical outlet strip into a SmartSwitch, and control the power to everything plugged into that -- remotely, from anywhere, or even automatically.

To turn whatever's plugged into the SmartSwitch on or off, simply click the appropriate button on that SmartSwitch's tab from your Vera Dashboard.  You'll see a confirming message on the SmartSwitch tab that lets you know the command was received and carried out, as shown below:

Now that your SmartSwitch is controlling the device that's plugged into it, you can do virtually anything with it remotely or automatically.  Let's look at some of those possibilities now...

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