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(SmartSwitch) Pairing A SmartSwitch To Your System

Last Updated: May 03, 2013 02:55PM PDT
To add a SmartSwitch to your Vera setup, you must first "pair" the SmartSwitch to your Vera system.  This process happens only once for the initial setup, and takes just a few seconds.  From there, the SmartSwitch can control and monitor whatever is plugged into it, from home or away.
To pair the SmartSwitch to your system, first plug something electronic into it, such as a lamp or appliance.  Then plug the SmartSwitch into an AC electrical outlet.

You'll need to press two buttons to pair the SmartSwitch to Vera.  The first is on your Vera Smart Controller -- it's the "Z-Wave" button, which is on top of the VeraLite Smart Controller and on the front of the Vera3 Smart Controller.

The Z-Wave button for pairing devices to your system is on the front panel of the Vera3 Smart Controller

The Z-Wave button for pairing devices to your system is on the top panel of the VeraLite Smart Controller ("+" button)

To add your SmartSwitch to your Vera system, put your Vera Smart Controller in to pairing mode by pressing the Z-Wave button.  The indicator on the Smart Controller will flash.

Now, push the pairing button on the SmartSwitch and hold it in for a count of three.  The Vera Smart Controller will then recognize the SmartSwitch -- it's been paired -- and is ready to give you control over the SmartSwitch.  The blue light surrounding the SmartSwitch pairing button will stop flashing and stay solid blue.  The SmartSwitch is now ready to work for you! PREVIOUS: SmartSwitch Energy Meter Introduction

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