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(VistaCam HD) Connect Your VistaCam HD

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2013 08:51AM PDT
To bring a VistaCam wireless camera into your Vera system, you have to make just two connections.  One is a physical hookup you make with the included cable, which only happens once, just for the setup. If the camera will remain near your Wi-Fi router, you can leave it plugged in and just start using it; no further connection will be necessary.

If you want to place the camera elsewhere in your home and have it work wirelessly, you'll go through a second step that will let the camera be recognized by Vera as part of your Wi-Fi setup.  This is simply a matter of entering some information (like your username and password) and takes just a few minutes. Then you can disconnect the network cable and use the camera wirelessly from anywhere in your home.

Before connecting your VistaCam camera, ensure that your Vera system has been set to automatically detect it. Log in to your Vera account to get to your Vera Dashboard.  When you're there, click the "Setup" menu, and then click on "Net & Wi-Fi" as shown.

Now you'll be shown a screen that lets you know that Vera has been set to automatically detect new devices.  If this option hasn't already been selected, choose "Automatically Configure" now. Then click the "Save and Apply" button to complete the setting. 

Now your camera is ready to be connected to your Vera system and automatically recognized by it.  
To connect the camera:
1) Attach the VistaCam antenna by simply screwing it into the antenna jack -- no tools are needed.

2) Connect your Vistacam to any open port on your Wi-Fi router, using the included network (Ethernet) cable.

3) Plug your Vistacam into an electrical outlet with the included power cable.

You'll see the yellow and green LED lights on the back of the camera light up. The yellow light will start flashing. That's it for the physical connection!  Now let's make the digital connection.

First, you'll need to download the app.  From your Dashboard, click on the "Apps" menu as shown then select "Install Apps":

You'll see a list of apps available in numerous categories.  The one you'll need is the MiOS Update Utility.  If you don't see this choice on the first screen in your apps, simply enter "mios" in the search field and you will find the MiOS Update Utility as shown:

Click the "Install" button to install the Update Utility.  The top of your Dashboard will show that it is busy downloading the utility:

When your download is complete, be sure to click the "Reload" button on the top right of your Dashboard to save the changes to your system.

Now...momentarily disconnect the network cable on your VistaCam HD, wait 5 seconds then re-connect it.  This will send a fresh connection message from the camera to your Vera system.

Click on the "Devices" menu and wait for the camera to load onto your Dashboard, and for the message at the top of the screen to stop saying "Unit Busy" -- the progress bar will stop.  When the camera device appears on the Dashboard, hover your mouse over the top right of the blue bar to bring up the wrench icon to access the camera settings, as shown:

When you've clicked the wrench icon, choose the "Advanced" menu. Here's where you'll tell your system that you are the administrator of your camera and its settings.  Scroll down until you see the field for "username":

Now enter the username of "admin" into this field.  Press enter or return on your keyboard to effect the change.

When you've made yourself 'admin' of your camera, click the "Reload" button on the top right of your Dashboard, and wait for the "Unit Busy" progress bar to stop.  Your camera is now joined to your Vera system and ready to be used!

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